About Georgina Clare

As a BA(Hons) Contour Fashion at De Montfort University on a placement year, I was inspired to set up a small business selling hand-made lingerie, jewellery and accessories to gain some hands-on experience with the industry I love so much! Georgina Clare started in 2012 as an independent blog where I discussed new fashion designers, collections as well as the occasional dip to fashion history. A passion that was later turned into a brand of its own; Georgina Clare.

Having expanded into making masks over the pandemic to do my part for those I knew, I found an amazing way to make the new normal a little bit more approachable and comfortable, especially for those who found it hard to adapt. With this in mind, I created MAGIC MASK; colour-changing masks! To my absolute surprise something I had created for fun, turned into my best seller and customer favourite.

Thank you all :)




Being able to reuse and recycle fabric that would have otherwise been thrown away into landfills is a huge goal and driver behind resourcing materials for every design by Georgian Clare!


All of our linings are made with either donated or deadstock fabrics. This means that every piece we make is completely unique to your order - as every item is made to order just for you!

That also means that some of your orders might have a plain lining, and another might have a totally bizarre multicoloured optical print. Being able to use materials that are already available reduces waste and helps with keeping our prices approachable to all you lovely lot.


All of our packaging is made from 100% recyclable cardboard and our jewellery pouches that keep all your pieces safe in transit are made from 100% natural cotton calico - no dyes here! Our calico is also donated material leaf over from discarded project samples or toiles.

Each product is handmade made in the UK by me, Georgina Clare and responsibly packaged using recyclable and repurposed materials. 

Everything I make is intended to be enjoyed and loved by all no matter who you are. 

Every item is made to order, so any queries or custom item ideas can be arranged. Contact me at:


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