Rainbow Glitter MAGIC Mask! - UV colour changing!

Rainbow Glitter MAGIC Mask! - UV colour changing!


Walk outside to see the glittery black and white rainbows turn multicoloured rainbows! - Yes really! They do change colour, swipe to see for yourself


Product Info:

Each mask is made from a light reactive, print cotton jersey. Walk into the light and see the colour change! 

  • Made from the most breathable fabric with the most comfortable fit and slip-resistant contoured shaping.
  • As each mask is made with deadstock fabric lining, each mask will have a slightly different interior fabric.


*Each mask will be slightly different from the image above due to each mask being handmade using deadstock fabrics. That means each mask is completely unique and especially made for you! But don’t worry - the image above accurately shows a similar image to the product you will receive* -



Cotton 95% Elastane 5%

Wash by hand for best results

-or Wash at 20-

Do not tumble dry

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