Educating Girls | CARE
Systemic sexism across the globe puts women and girls at an automatic disadvantage and all too often prevents them from having access to even a basic level of education. This is why we have decided to contribute to CARE, which ensures girls are able to get to school despite barriers such as poverty and menstruation management - the lack of basic sanitary products and support. CARE helps girls in third world countries all around the world, access the education they deserve.
Supporting Small | Monkeybiz 
Apart from being our favourite business of all time, Monkeybiz helps local men and women in Cape Town have a better quality of life through access to employment and fair pay. The absolutely gorgeous beaded animal structures they make by hand, showcase their culture and create the most beautiful pieces of art I have ever seen.
Organisations We Support!
It is more important than ever to understand the position we hold in society. That’s why I have decided to create a contribute system where a percentage of monthly profits are donated to two charities I have chosen. ​

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